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Establishing Remote Infrastructure


At Great Lakes Right of Way, we know our employees are our value.

We place emphasis on keeping them safe. No matter the task, we always put safety first.

In order to keep safety at the front of our minds, we partner with the Safety Management Group. With their 30+ years of experience and $25 billion utility construction experience, they oversee our culture of safety.


Safety is more than just a checklist item at Great Lakes Right of Way. On our team, safety is our culture. 

Employee Care: We value not only employee safety, but also employee quality of life. 

Safety Training: As we are in the business of preparation, we know the importance of being prepared before starting any access road project. We make sure every employee is ready to do the job safely, committing to the safety of their fellow crew members.


Safety Management Group...

  • Is one of the nation’s largest privately held safety service companies.

  • Developed a Contractor Safety Management Process (CSMP) to frame and direct safe contract work.

  • Is based out of Indianapolis.

  • Works with over 200 safety associates.

Interested in a job where your safety is the top priority?

Learn about joining our team.
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