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Establishing Remote Infrastructure

Great Lakes

Right of Way

Expert access, without overcomplication, no matter
the terrain

Temporary Access Road Construction & Environmental Protective Measures for Utility and Pipeline New Construction Projects

Great Lakes Right of Way is a full-service contractor, supplying the Best Management Practices and installing them into right of way. We focus on temporary access road construction and Environmental Control Measures.


Our team is based in Michigan and serves the whole of the Midwest and beyond. We are ready to meet your environmental project needs as well as building a path for your team to navigate the new construction project at hand.  

Based in the Great Lakes Region of Michigan, allows us to easily dispatch from our numerous mills throughout the United States and place installation teams with precision into your project.


Great Lakes Right of Way partners with and builds upon the access matting expertise of both CEO Jolene Atwood and Wolverine Mat to provide the best products and services available.


We continually evolve and innovate according to new site preparation needs. In all that we do, we demonstrate environmental consciousness to ensure the sustainability of both the access project and the biome it occupies.

Access Road Construction

Access Road Construction

Innovating the way access mats are used in America's utility-owned right of ways.

Upholding Your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program

When the path gets wet, we have an answer.

Erosion & Sediment Control

Our job is to supply an approved path that safely navigates through wet and unstable projects.

Access Road Maintenance

Our maintenance keeps roads safe while keeping progress intact and on time.


We provide navigable roads throughout America's utility infrastructure systems.

Renewable Energy Sources

We specialize in providing access to your team's wind, solar, and hydro projects.

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Experience, Passion, and Problem-Solving Leadership

These are staple items that we bring to bear for our clients.

Our Partners

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We partner with several organizations that champion safety, efficiency, environmental protection, and customer satisfaction. Together, Great Lakes Right of Way continues to raise the bar in the access matting and site preparation industries.


At Great Lakes Right of Way, we know our employees are our value. We place emphasis on keeping them safe. No matter the task, we always put safety first.

We believe in doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Our team tirelessly chases the complete satisfaction of every access client we serve. 


Join us in pursuing the best access matting service possible with an emphasis on safety, community, and excellence.


Access Road Construction

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